Funding Your Future

By Nipissing University Modified on March 25, 2019

Take Charge of Your Finances


Earning a university degree is a huge accomplishment and will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Although it comes with some financial investment, the good news is that there are many simple ways to manage your finances that can alleviate some stress and help you reach your academic goals.

Money in, money out
Before starting your academic journey in Canada, it’s a good idea to create a budget. This will give you a better sense of your financial situation —income and expenses — and help you make smarter financial decisions. There are plenty of free budget worksheets available that make budgeting a breeze. You can use average costs of living in Canada to help you create your budget, or refer to your school’s International Student Handbook.

Spend Wisely
Before you make a purchase, take some time to consider whether you’re getting the best deal possible and if it is a purchase you really need to make. Shop at stores with student discounts, buy used textbooks, and browse local flyers to find the cheapest prices on items you need. To avoid making impulse purchases, always make a list before you go shopping and only shop when you need to buy something.

Free Money
One of the easiest funding opportunities is through entrance scholarships. Scholarship values depend on grades used for admission and range in value. Bursaries and awards are also a great source of funding as they focus on aspects such as financial need or extra-curricular involvement as opposed to academic marks. There is a diverse list of bursaries and awards that you can apply for depending on your unique circumstances.

For more information on financial aid for international students, contact the Student Financial Services Office of the school you plan to attend.

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