Mental Health and Well-Being Resources at York University

By York University Modified on February 20, 2020

Learn about the health, wellness and academic support that York U offers its students.

A happy, well-adjusted student enjoys the mental health and well-being resources provided to all students by York University.

York University recognizes that studying in university can be a significant transition for students, and that exam season or assignment deadlines can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety. This is a natural part of student life, so York University offers academic, mental health and wellness resources to support York U students in managing stress in a healthy way. Learn more about York's support services and stress management tips below:

Prepare for Academic Success with Learning Skills Services

York U students can minimize academic-related stress by accessing learning services to prepare for exams, essays and assignments. Learning Skills Services (LSS) helps students "learn how to learn" by providing workshops and Peer Academic Coaching sessions. LSS workshops focus on topics that will support students in making the most of their time at York University, such as time management, reading, note-taking, and personalized study strategies. LSS also offers Resources for Success, which includes learning skills materials and worksheets.

Access Mental Health & Wellness Resources

York U students who are experiencing the pressures of university life can visit Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and/or Student Counselling & Development (SCD). SAS provides educational support to students with documented disabilities, and SCD helps students manage the challenges of university by providing counselling services and workshops covering academic and social issues.

SCD provides a safe space for students to talk about their concerns, gain guidance, and receive professional assistance. They also offer free drop-in workshops that run individually, such as Stress Management, or in a series of three to four workshops, like Managing Shyness & Social Anxiety. Each workshop takes place in a professional and supportive environment where students receive guidance as they navigate through their personal development.

Advancing a Mentally Healthy Campus

The Wellness Hub is one of York University's newest student services. It aims to become the central point of all health and wellness services and workshops on campus. Through collaborations with on-campus partners, their goal is to provide students with the most current and appropriate resources for their well-being.

York University is here to support York students with any challenge they may be facing. As part of The York Promise, these are just a few of the learning and wellness resources available to York students. You can find other ways that York University supports your academic goals on the Future Students website. Have any questions? Feel free to reach us via Facebook or Twitter.

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