Brace Yourself: Exams Are Coming

By University of Lethbridge Modified on March 15, 2019

Study strategies for test success.


Exam season can be a stressful time in the academic life of any university student.

At uLethbridge, our Student Success Centre provides students with services like tutoring, learning strategy development and self-care activities to look after their physical, emotional, and mental needs and find academic success. Here are a few tips from our team for studying better and managing stress to avoid exam burnout!

  1. 1) Study often. Forget cramming at the last minute. Cracking the books for a few minutes each day is more effective in terms of retaining and recalling information and for managing stress.
  2. 2) Study actively. Don’t just re-read your notes and textbooks. Get engaged with the material by quizzing yourself, studying in groups, practicing problems, drawing diagrams or writing out concepts in your own words. The more engaged in the material the more likely you are to understand and remember and understand.
  3. 3) Take a break. Set aside at least one hour out of your schedule to do something completely for yourself. Go for a walk, hit the gym, watch an episode of your favourite TV show, anything to unplug and clear your mind.
  4. 4) Take care. To be sure you’re at your best before the big test, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, get some exercise and generally take care of yourself.

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