Creativity is Key at IE University

By IE University Modified on March 10, 2019

Just a 10-minute walk from the Segovia campus of IE University in Spain is “La Casa de la Moneda.” Built in the 1580s, it is one of the most influential European structures and one of the first mints in Europe.

IE University, alongside the city, has transformed part of La Casa de la Moneda into a business space run by IE to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Segovia. The ‘Creativity Center’ is open to IE University students and Segovians alike as a place to work, think, and relax.

On the outside, the Creativity Center is a traditional, historical European building, but on the inside, it’s a dynamic, innovative, tech-forward space for creators and entrepreneurs. Opportunities abound, with common areas, exhibition halls that display artwork and student projects, the “FabLab,” a ballroom, meetings spaces, rooms for painting and music, and a recording studio.

IE’s Creativity Center pursues development in the community, access to new ideas, inspiration and creativity –and offers the tools and spaces necessary to work. Among the main purposes of the space is to serve as an incubator for student projects and many of IE students are already developing their business ideas thanks to the support thieve found in the Creativity Center.

Get inspired! IE University is the place to explore your innovative creativity and pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions!
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