Multiple Offers? Consider This.

By Algonquin College Modified on March 04, 2019

Having trouble deciding which school offer to accept? Maybe we can help.


By Chelsie McHugh

So you’re getting multiple offers from a bunch of schools? First of all, congratulations! That’s awesome. Secondly, it sounds like you’re going to have to make a big decision soon. Weighing all the pros and cons. Staying up all night over-analyzing everything. Talk about overwhelming. That’s why we want to help!

Here’s what you should consider before accepting anything:


Some schools cost more than others. It’s important to make sure that you can actually afford to go to school. Are there financial aid programs you can take advantage of? Are you living on your own, with roommates, or family? Make sure to A all those Qs.


While we’re on the subject of moving, is this school far away? Are you ready to commit to a new place for the next chunk of your life? Consider if the commute is bearable, or if the ride to your parents’ place isn’t too long.


This one’s all about the vibe. How does the campus make you feel? Are you getting a good vibe or a bad one? Are your chakras aligning or totally all over the place? Are you at peace or do you want to peace out? You don’t want to study in a place that makes you anxious or uncomfy. Some campuses offer more on site facilities and services, such as health centres, mental health services, or support for accessibility. Should you require additional support during your time in post-secondary, consider if your new campus offers those extra services.


We all know about the importance of the buddy system. This applies to post-secondary education as well. Do any of your friends attend this school? Do you know anyone who goes there or are you going in as a lone wolf? Don’t forget your new school will be a great place to make new friends as well. Take a minute to consider if having some study buddies is important to you.


You’re probably going to college or university to gain skills and get a great job in a field you’re passionate about. That’s the “be all, end all” thing to consider. Is this place the right fit for your future career? Is this the best career move you can make? Do they offer work integrated learning such as field placements or co-op for your program? Think about how prestigious you can make this place look on your CV.

Friendly Reminder

Algonquin College offers are fresh out of the oven, being sent to future students’ doors right now. It’s imperative that you confirm your choice on before May 1st, and pay your tuition fee deposit before June 15.

If you’ve got your heart set on Algonquin College (we don’t blame you, we’re great), here’s what to do once you’ve been accepted. Pro-tip: if you’ve been accepted into a highly competitive program, try your best to make your decision quickly. You don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Accepting an offer is a big deal, we just want to make sure that you’ve considered all your options. After all, only you know what benefits you most. The most important thing to reflect on is if this decision will make you happy. Whatever you choose, you’ll knock it out of the park. You got this, friend!

Chelsie McHugh is a third-year Algonquin College -Advertising and Marketing Communications student. She’s a funny, fiery redhead with a passion for writing.