Finding Scholarships for Post-Secondary in Art and Design

By OCAD University Modified on February 26, 2019

Learn about some methods and opportunities around navigating scholarships towards art and design post-secondary institutions.


  1. 1. Check the school website

  2. Oftentimes, post-secondary institutions have their own scholarships, awards and bursaries to which you can apply. At OCAD University for example, we have them outlined here and here.

  3. 2. Don’t forget about entrance scholarships

  4. In many universities, entrance scholarships are usually automatic and awarded based on grades so you don’t even have to worry about applying for those.

  5. 3. Check

  6. Numerous opportunities area available through Don’t be afraid to apply for as many as you can even if you think you may be underqualified.

  7. 4. Look out for scholarships aimed at those who face barriers to post-secondary education

  8. Sometimes Institutions offer scholarships to students who face barriers to post-secondary education by offering opportunities, resources and/or programs that will help them prepare for creative options in their future.It would be a good idea to contact the Admissions & Recruitment team to find out what opportunities are available.

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