Build Connections Through Service

By Briercrest College Modified on February 19, 2019

Volunteering on campus matters. Here’s why.


What is Youth Quake?
Looks like a festival, feels like a retreat.” This is the motto of Youth Quake (YQ), a Christian conference for youth groups that Briercrest College has hosted since 1956. For Kaitlin Giddings, the Youth Quake Coordinator, the importance of YQ is that youth see the greater Christian community that they are a part of. “We want to show kids that they’re not alone in their pursuit to follow Christ and that there’s a lot of cool things happening in the Christian community here at Briercrest and all across Canada.”

Each year, over a thousand kids and youth group leaders flood our campus, sleeping on the floors of dorm rooms, common spaces, and even classrooms. This gives Briercrest College students the ability to serve guests by hosting them in their rooms, or maybe even giving up their bed for the weekend to one of the leaders or kids. YQ is an opportunity for college students to get involved and volunteer in hands-on ways that other campuses do not offer.

Why should you volunteer?
No matter what university you attend, being involved in school teams and groups can change one’s whole post-secondary experience. Whether it’s the friendships created or the valuable experience that is acquired for future interests and employment, volunteer groups are a great way to introduce yourself to different areas of service.

Throughout YQ weekend, college students are involved through the numerous volunteer teams. One of the most important of these teams is Here4U. Whether it is helping with security during concerts, setting chairs up for seminars, or simply giving directions to a lost retreater, Here4U team members can always be found wearing their bright coloured t-shirts that have “Here4U” on the back.

Other benefits of volunteering are the impact it can have the community you’re serving. Whether it is on campus or through external organizations, serving others can connect people who otherwise wouldn’t cross paths. While some volunteering roles may not translate to other tangible opportunities such as employment, the benefits can be on relational and community level.

Students play integral roles leading up to and during YQ weekend, but the most important role they have is to allow God to use the weekend for His purposes. Whether this is in conversations with guests, praying for students after the main sessions, or hosting one of the bands, YQ wouldn’t have been going for over 60years without the students’ willingness to serve.