Tips for managing stress as a student

By University of Waterloo Modified on December 05, 2018

Aujas, a current Waterloo student, offers tips


High school, especially grade 12, can be an extremely busy and exciting time. You need to maintain grades, research universities, apply to universities, and make the most out of your final high school year.

Exercise = more energy, less stress
Physical exercise was another thing that helped me manage stress. I joined the soccer team in my high school, played squash regularly, and went jogging almost every morning. The days I did some kind of physical exercise were the days I felt a lot more energetic and a lot less stressed.

Use hobbies to relax
One of my hobbies is to play video games and I spent a lot of my free time playing games. They help me take my mind off school work and anything that might be stressing me. Doing what you enjoy from time to time helps you relax and stops you from being overwhelmed by work. It's important to balance your work and fun to stay happy and motivated!

Join clubs!
Being a part of clubs, volunteering, and meeting new people also helps with managing stress. I've always been part of various clubs and have loved volunteering. I've been an Orientation leader, both at my high school and university. I've also been an ambassador and athletics mascot.

Don’t forget to sleep
As the amount of work and stress increased in high school, I started to sleep less and less. This was bad for my health and also brought on more stress. A proper sleep schedule is needed to keep you healthy, both mentally and physically. After changing my sleep patterns, I saw an instant improvement in my stress levels.

These are some of my tips on how to manage stress. I've relied on them and they've helped me out numerous times. I hope they help you too!

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