Top 5 To Dos for Your First Week of University Classes

By Tyndale University College Modified on September 28, 2018

Nervous on your first day? Consider these tips.


Your first week of classes at university has finally arrived! Frosh week is over and the excitement of a new life and new friends is growing. Even in the midst of all of the excitement, it’s normal to feel a little nervous. Feeling prepared can help ease your nerves as you head into your first week of university. Consider these tips:

DO: Make friends outside of your dorm. It’s easy to lean on your roommates constantly, especially if you connect right away. Make time to meet other people at frosh week events and in class. Expanding your friend network will enrich your experience.

DO: Introduce yourself. Even if you are shy, be sure to introduce yourself to your professors. You will be glad you did, especially when it comes time to ask your Tyndale professor for a reference that leads to your dream job.

DO: Buy used textbooks whenever possible. Textbooks can add up to a huge cost for students. The Tyndale University College bookstore offers a textbook buyback program for students wishing to buy or sell books.

DO: Be an open and considerate roommate. Everyone is different, and moving in with someone new can be a bit tricky. Get to know your roommate and appreciate them for who they are. Work out a living routine that works for you both, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

DO: Plan your semester. University papers and exams can creep up faster than you know. Spend some time creating a plan outlining when you will work on your papers and when you will begin studying for exams. Staying organized from day one will reduce your stress throughout the semester.