Things I Wish I'd Known in My First Year of University

By Booth University College Modified on September 11, 2018

A letter to myself on my 1st day of a university:

Dear Caitlyn,

If there is one piece of advice I can give you as you begin these next four years, it is to find and practice something that actually provides self-care for you. I promise you that vegging out and watching Netflix may feel like a good thing because it numbs your brain, but you just feel more groggy and gross afterward. Find something to do either alone as well as something with someone else and make it a regular habit. I promise you that this will make a huge difference in how you feel and experience stress throughout this journey.

That is all the advice I want to give you. I know you feel incompetent and unprepared, but trust me, you will make it through. Ask questions, do your readings, participate in class discussions, find a good study environment, make study groups (for the most part don't cause you always to end up talking, get distracted and procrastinate, shame on you). But know, it is so much better when you do things in advance. Either way, I know you'll do these things, so put your mind to it and do not give up.

You are about to learn so many new things and discover a curiosity in you that wants to know more. You will be challenged, stressed and frustrated, but it is so worth it. Keep pushing!



PS. Ok I lied, I have one more piece of advice. You did not learn this until your third year of university, and you should have been doing this from day one. Don't write out all your exam notes on cue cards. Use quizlet or write it out on a lined piece of paper, You're welcome.