Take a Meaningful Summer Trip with Centennial College

By Centennial College Modified on June 14, 2018

Become a leader of change while travelling abroad.

You know how, once they graduate, some high schoolers will plan on taking a year off to travel abroad to find themselves? Sometimes, this is called a gap year. Not everyone’s got the time and money to do that, and if you’re going to travel abroad, wouldn’t you rather have it be for something a bit more meaningful?

You can take that trip, learn something about yourself, learn about the world, help those in need, and not even have to take a year off, thanks to Centennial College’s Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experiences, or GCELE trips. You have the chance to go on trips locally and abroad, and take the first steps in becoming a leader of change. You’ll help the locals out, but also take some time to see the sights and soak in the culture/ Here are some of our previous trips, which you can read about, on our site, and on a student-run blog:

  1. India, where students helped build shelters for women.
  2. Nicaragua, to build a playground for a school they’d built the previous year.
  3. Cuba, where a student learned to work around language barriers and share a common human experience.
  4. Jamaica, where the students volunteered at a kid’s camp.
  5. The Yukon, to help build houses in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

This only scratches the surface of the different trips you can take on a GCELE. No matter where you go, you get an experience that’s meaningful, thoughtful and fun and one that you get while you’re already in college, earning your credits.