Summer Done Wisely

By Middlesex University Modified on June 12, 2018

Things we wish we did in our senior summer break.

Summer is the perfect time to reflect, unwind and prepare to re-start the academic routine. If you've had a tough year and still have no idea what your next move is (at least college-wise), we've left below some advice on what we think is the best way to make the most of your summer break.

Identify your passion.

Take several days "off" from your vacation and do research on the fields you enjoy and the career(s) you're curious about. A useful technique is to brainstorm ideas and companies you'd like to work for. Also, imagine yourself in a certain dress code: do you see yourself in a lab coat or suited up?

If a short summer break isn't enough time to discover your passion, at least identify which fields of study are not for you. A good way to determine this is by recognizing which are your strong and weak areas and taking it from there. Some questions to ask yourself: Do I enjoy working in groups or individually? Am I a morning or a night person? Do I want a desk (aka "nine-to-five") job or flexibility?

Volunteer work

Volunteering is a great way to answer those questions. And be bold! - it might be your only risk-free chance to get involved in areas you would never think are meant for you.

Finding facts about your interest is easy to do online, but summer is a great time to engage in conversations with professionals, professors and students of the career(s) you're curious about.

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Enjoy Your Summer!