How to Spend Your Summer Abroad Without Breaking the Bank

By Study and Go Abroad Modified on May 09, 2018

Check out our tips for keeping your summer adventure economical!

A summer internship or job abroad provides the unique opportunity to work while ticking items off your global bucket list! The only drawback is that living abroad can be pricey. However, it is possible to have an incredible summer working abroad without breaking the bank. Check out our tips for keeping your summer adventure economical:

Choose Your Job or Internship Wisely

Ideally, all summer jobs and internships should pay well enough to cover rent and living expenses. However, sometimes an unpaid or badly paid role allows you to reap the benefits later on. Look for companies who will subsidise some transit and living costs, or who provide staff housing.

Research Living Costs

Living in the capital city of a western country is pricey. When you are looking for internships or jobs, consider moving to a city with lower living costs. For example, if you want to spend the summer in England, instead of gravitating towards London, consider a Northern city such as York or Durham.

Focus on the Long Term

The reality is that even when you follow these tips, you would still save more money living in your parents’ house and not taking trips to neighbouring countries every weekend! However, in the long term, a summer internship or job abroad is a strong financial decision, as candidates who have lived abroad are employed faster and at higher starting salaries than their peers.

Sure, your friends who stay home for the summer might have some extra cash to spare in September. However, spending the summer abroad will benefit your career, health and happiness in a way that cannot be quantified by a pay check!

By Megan Brickley
Study and Go Abroad Fairs

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