Get Experience While Studying Your Degree in London

By Middlesex University Modified on May 07, 2018

Why you should study in London to expand your internship opportunities.

Nowadays it is not enough to have a degree. Employers look at relevant work experience in your field before offering (even entry-level) jobs. That’s why it’s important to possess both academic and professional knowledge before even graduating, and that’s when we come in.

First of all, at Middlesex University London, all of our programmes are conceived with industry-relevant content and employability potential. This means that you will learn and practise the skills that employers are looking for in the workforce. Having an international student population of almost 25% ensures that you are in touch with worldwide perspectives that resemble the multi-national corporations of today.

Second, there are various options to choose from to include work experience as part of your curriculum. All of our programmes have the potential of including a “sandwich year”, which is when you opt to do a year-long work placement on your third year and once done, return to complete the programme in a fourth year. Additionally, our great network guarantees the opportunity to do an internship in known companies all over Europe. In our employability centre, our team of experts help students find and prepare for job interviews.

If you wish to discuss more about internship opportunities while obtaining a degree at Middlesex University, contact, where our experts can lead you to a successful career in our more than 100 programmes.