Graduate Employment: Guaranteed

By Middlesex University Modified on April 03, 2018

Why Middlesex University London is one of the leading universities in employment in the UK.

Can you guess why more than 90% of our graduates are employed (or in higher education) after they complete a programme at Middlesex University?

It has to do with the way our programmes are structured, our industry links and the support we give during and after they study with us.

To start with, all of our courses are employability-focused. This means that before they start running, programmes are structured according to industry demand and are focused on teaching the skills that are most relevant to employers.

All of our programmes have the option of work placement. Most students study full-time for the first two years, take the penultimate year to gain experience in work placements, and then return for their final year of their degree. So by the time they graduate, they already have one year of experience and become even more employable than their peers.

To top it off, the goal of our employability centre is to help you find a job. Whether you?re looking for part-time or full-time jobs, internships or entrepreneurship, our employability centre is a life-long service that Middlesex University gives their students and alumni.

Adding all of these ingredients explains why in 2011 we ranked 8th for graduate salaries in the UK according to the Parthenon Group.

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