Minimize Stress, Maximize Success

By Brock University Modified on March 14, 2018

Finding the right methods and services to help you manage hectic times.

The end of any school year is exciting as you begin to make plans for warmer weather and find things to keep yourself occupied with. Before getting there, however, you’ll be faced with ever-increasing deadlines and final exams. Naturally, this can be a stressful time for many.

Rest assured – the study and planning skills you learn in high school will serve you well as you transition to university, and they’ll continue to grow and evolve as you begin your new studies. Whether you use an app, an online calendar, or a good old-fashioned paper planner, you’ll be able to balance your new schedule with your assignments, exams, and other commitments.

At Brock, a multitude of services are offered based on student needs. Through our A-Z Learning Services office, you will find a variety of options to help you academically. We offer nearly 200 workshops on 70 different topics, and host drop-in centres for writing and study skills, science, and accounting and finance – which all students are welcome to attend. Tutors are also readily available to help you with any course that you’re enrolled in, giving you access to great one-on-one academic support.

We also offer additional supports through our Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre which focuses on your well-being, and provides access to accessibility, personal counselling, and health services. Even something as simple as dropping by one of our Puppy Room events can have a positive effect on beating stress through being surrounded by a variety of adorable dogs. Petting is optional, but highly recommended.

Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and it’s important to find a strategy or two that works best for yourself. Providing you with the best possible student experience is something that Brock prides itself on, and we’re committed to doing this through the wide variety of supports and services that we offer.