Be a Stress Master

By Access Business College Modified on March 13, 2018

“You can’t remove all stress, but you can understand it and use certain tools to manage it”.

Every one of us experiences stress at some point in day to day life, either is exam small test or routine rush activities. No matter what we do we can’t avoid stress, but yes we can understand the stress and be a master of it. To be master the stress we must understand the stress first. “Most of the time stress is un realistic fear or tense which can affect our body and mind directly or indirectly”. The main stress indicator for student during the exam is lack of finding the time what to do first and what to do next?

There are 3R to follow to handle the stress.

Be Realistic: Do not try to do much work every day, expect some anxiety , avoid speaking with peers who aren’t prepared or are in a negative state Use positive thoughts – acknowledge what you have done and that you are doing your best.

Be Relax: always try to get plenty of sleep, take frequent break in between the study, do some effective breathing exercise.

Revision: Revision is the best suggestive and proven method to overview the work you have done so always keep enough time to revise.

Most important things to Remember:

  • Do your most difficult work when you have the most energy.
  • Know when to stop
  • Believe in yourself:
    “Believing that you are able to manage stress and anxiety is important because your perceptions can have a large impact on your health. Research has shown that students’ perceived ability to manage stress can reduce their likelihood of becoming depressed.”
  • Visit for useful stress relieve information.