Take a break from stress

By Algonquin College Modified on March 06, 2018

From dog cuddles and massages to tea-tasting and flower gazing - Algonquin offers ways to relax and even have some fun


Stressed? Of course you are. You have exams, teachers, parents, peers, and, not to be forgotten, that really big stressor - what are your going to do after graduation?

Clearly, you need to de-stress. There's lots of advice available on this - everything from getting a good night's sleep and eating properly to exercise and taking time off.

Algonquin College can help you with some of this. The College organizes events that can help, but even more it provides facilities that allow you to take a do-it-yourself approach to stress management.

For example, some of those "events" include a "Night at the Museum of Nature" and a Friday night "Board Games and Popcorn" evening, both organized by Algonquin Student Support Services. As well, Algonquin's Health Services is all about "nurturing students - mind, body, and soul."

However, when it comes to doing things for yourself, you can try dog cuddling, take in a fine meal, enjoy a massage and manicure, and even stop to smell the flowers.

Let's start with the dog cuddle. The Paws for Stress is a monthly service that provides a break from a hectic day to enjoy time with a friendly dog. The service draws on the increasingly popular notion that people benefit emotionally and psychologically from connecting with animals.

Afterwards, if you're still feeling a tad dog-eared, you might book a massage and manicure at Algonquin's Salon, Spa & Boutique, where students in the College's Hospitality and Tourism program learn the art of pampering.

Another relaxing possibility is the Tea Tasting Workshop taught by Daniel Tremblay from Cha Yi, Maison de Th. This free workshop offers an introduction to the fascinating world of tea, with an emphasis on how you can make tea part of your daily routine ? another way to reduce stress levels.

Naturally, teatime is followed by mealtime. At Savoir Fare, Algonquin's popular gourmet food store, you'll enjoy delicious and affordable takeaway food prepared each day by Culinary and Baking Students.

Finally, to cap off your stress reduction program, you might add some nature worship with a saunter through Algonquin's horticultural gardens. With its lush and tranquil gardens, it's a great place for stress re-leaf.

After all this, perhaps you'll be surprised - and relieved - to have found what you want to do after graduation. Wouldn't that be a load off your mind?