Stressed? Come pet a puppy!

By University of Northern British Columbia Modified on March 23, 2018

School isn’t always a walk in the park (though, sometimes a walk in the park can help – and we’ll get to that). Attending classes, completing assignments with deadlines in mind, studying for and writing exams can all be stressful. Unfortunately stress can also lead to poorer performance in academics. But there are ways to balance life and combat stress!

  1. 1. Move. Go outside, go to the gym (our Northern Sport Centre is a great option), take a fitness class, go skating, go for a hike (we have over 50km of hiking trails behind campus, at UNBC), do whatever works for you to get moving. Physical activity produces endorphins and endorphins can really help with stress reduction.
  2. 2. Get help.
    1. a. Tutoring and other academic help can be essential, and it’s very often completely free with your student fees! If you need help, please ask for it.
    1. b. Counseling and personal wellness help is also available to you for free. If you need to talk, please step into your school’s counseling centre and talk. Most counseling centres offer one on one sessions, group counseling, and workshops (especially during high stress and anxiety times).
  3. 3. Take a break. Studying is most successful when it is not all-encompassing. Make sure you take breaks, see your people, and have some fun – balance is a really good thing!
  4. 4. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, balanced meals, and stay hydrated!
  5. 5. Find stress busting activities on campus! At UNBC, we offer stress busting activities in the middle of our campus (in the Canfor Winter Garden) where students can get a professional chair massage, participate in a crafts table, get suited up in an oversized sumo outfit and tackle each other, hop on an inflatable pillar and try to knock your opponent off of theirs with jousting sticks, or pet puppies!

You have a lot available to you, please seek it out and use it! If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious at any time during your year – not just during exams or peak assignment times – there are many options for you, find what works best for you and seek it out.

Connect with us at or (250) 960-6306 for more information about UNBC programming (stress busting or otherwise) and with any questions you have!