Get rid of stress

By Middlesex University Modified on March 04, 2018

Who would’ve thought that it could be this simple?


It’s that time of the year again, when exams and assignments can be overwhelming. Reducing stress seems almost impossible, but not with these tips on keeping sanity to a maximum!

Prioritize and compartmentalize. In other words: take things one step at a time. Tomorrow’s test comes first on your priority list, so focus your energy and time on that. Maybe you need to work harder on one assignment that is two days from now, and tomorrow’s test isn’t something you need that much time in. Make a plan for the week and study for each test or assignment in accordance to their importance.

Sleep well. It seems ironic to ask you to sleep well right before telling you to study for tomorrow’s test, but in reality, everything requires a balance. Resting your brain is as important as memorizing terms and processes to ace the exams.

Avoid distractions. A good way to reduce stress later is by avoiding distractions now. If you are on your computer, don’t go on social media. If you’re tempted to do so, log off of all social media so there’s an extra barrier that will keep you away. If you don’t need to browse the internet for that assignment, turn off the wifi. Keep your phone in the bathroom and only take 10-minute breaks for every 45 min. of work.

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