Don't Mess With Stress

By Kwantlen Polytechnic University Modified on March 04, 2018

Studying can take a lot out of you. Between required readings, assignments, exams, and final deadlines it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Making time for yourself, staying organized, and connecting with others are all super important when it comes to your education.

When in Doubt, Work it Out

Physical activity is a great, pro-active way to manage stress and stay in shape. KPU has a great range of sport and recreation activities for everyone—no matter what your fitness goals or skill level. Sign up for personal training and fun classes like dance or kick boxing, find your calm with yoga, lift weights in the fitness center, or grab your pals for a drop-in or intramural league. As a student, you get a discount on classes and personal training, and free admission to the fitness center!

Create The Right Space

Finding your study space can also help you find your sense of calm. Bring your textbooks and course materials, round up your pens and highlighters, and don’t forget snacks and a water bottle. Try listening to classical music, or some soft ambient noise to block out distractions.

Realize You Can Socialize

Grab your bookmark, save the page, and take a break. While studying is important, so are study breaks. Make time to check out on campus activities, meet a friend for coffee, or even take a walk around campus. Check out the events calendar to see what’s coming up.

Talk to a Pro

KPU proudly offers free, confidential counselling services to all students. Speak to a counsellor about personal or academic issues, and get access to additional support services. No matter what’s going on, the KPU community is here to support you. To learn more, contact the Future Students’ Office at or 604.599.3030