5 Foolproof University Tips To Achieve Academic Success

By University of Regina Modified on January 22, 2018

Here are five of our best tips for future students to ensure your success in your future studies



Your marks matter! Did you know that we base your conditional admission average off your completed grade 11 and 12 courses? We can also do recalculations after the first semester of grade 12 if you think it might give you a more completive average for admission and scholarships. Keep in mind, we are always trying to calculate your highest average to get you admitted and get you the most scholarships possible!

Double Check Admission Requirements

Do this right now! Make sure you are enrolled in the correct classes, and that you are going to get the required grades to get into your program of choice!

You can easily find our admission requirements on our website.

Apply Before It’s Too Late

Application deadlines are quickly approaching! Make sure you take the time to properly fill out your application before the deadline. If you need any help – don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • February 15th - Nursing Deadline
  • March 1st - Education Deadline
  • March 15th - General Deadline

Get Involved

Volunteering experiences and leadership roles look great on your personal statements and applications. So consider getting involved in your school community, church community, or neighborhood community! This will increase your chances of receiving scholarships as well as help you to potentially get into any of our competitive entry programs (i.e., Education).

Start Applying for Scholarships

Entrance scholarship applications are open between now and March 15th. Applying can be time consuming; however, it literally pays off! Last year the University of Regina gave away over 8.5 million dollars in scholarships and bursaries. You should start your applications now so you have lots of time to complete!