Kathleen Fowlstone: First Place at IMATS LA 2018

By John Casablancas Institute Modified on January 22, 2018

John Casablanca's Institute Makeup Artistry graduate competed at the IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2018 Competition in Los Angeles and took home first place.


John Casablancas Institute Makeup Artistry graduate Kathleen Fowlstone and Founder of Little Monsters Studio and competed at the IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2018 Competition in Los Angeles and took home first place.

Each year the International Makeup Trade Show (IMATS) is held to celebrate the makeup industry and allow recently graduated/graduating makeup students to compete against each other to win awards and prizes in the Battle of the Brushes.

Kathleen competed at the Vancouver 2017 IMATS in the Beauty/Fantasy category and won second place. She had the opportunity to fly to LA to compete once again in the Beauty/Fantasy category and won first place, along with a $5000.00 cheque.

" Once the theme was revealed as ‘Wildwood Folklore’ my first instinct was that I wanted to create a look that combined ethereal beauty with epic fierceness, that is what inspired the whole look. I also handmade the entire costume which helped me fulfil my vision. "

With the help of her model Chelsea Brennan, Kathleen put together a Fairy Goblin Queen creation. In the 2 hours given to create this look, Kathleen was able to complete body painting, beauty makeup and hair, along with putting together the props.

" Prior to the competition, I was nervous, yet focused and determined to do my absolute best. After winning I think I was in shock. There was so much talent showcased and to be placed first (especially in la) was an absolute dream come true."

The advice that Kathleen would give to aspiring makeup artists is to stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks, focus on your strengths as an artist and not your weaknesses.

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