Your future begins now!

By University of Gloucestershire Modified on January 15, 2018

Make a SMART start to 2018.


The New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start and set new goals for the year ahead. But how do we prevent our New Year’s resolutions from being forgotten by February?

We make SMART resolutions - those that are:

• Specific – Be clear as to what you want to achieve.

• Measurable – How will you know when you have succeeded?

• Achievable – Push yourself, but consider your capabilities and external limitations.

• Realistic – Is it possible to achieve your goal?

• Time defined – Set a timeframe for achievement.

The top 5 resolutions to make the most of your final months of high school are:

1. Plan ahead for your next step – whether you want to take a gap year or study abroad - explore your options, e.g. did you know in the UK you can study Law directly from high school and at the University of Gloucestershire (UoG) you can even do 2 year fast track degrees in Business Management and Law?

2. Take advantage of what’s on offer, e.g. many universities offer bursaries and scholarships – at UoG you could receive £2000 off your first year’s tuition.

3. Get the grades – Check out the grades you need, think about the grades you want and then work out how you will achieve them. You might consider setting up a study group with friends, asking a teacher for help or using online tutorials and web talks.

4. Make yourself a priority – establish a regular, quality sleep pattern and take the time to plan healthy meals and time for exercise.

5. Factor in time with friends and family – whether it is studying, exercising, relaxing together or even making plans for the summer it’s important to strike a study-life balance.

Just remember how SMART you are!