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By Brock University Modified on December 18, 2017

Why studying abroad can be a great educational experience


A great education will open you up to many different career and life opportunities that appeal to you. Pairing this with an international opportunity or two will further enhance your experience as an undergraduate student, and will help you become a global thinker. With these benefits in mind, Brock is proud to offer full experiences that allow you to study, travel, and make friends and connections across the world.

Whether you’ve considered this idea already, or you’re curious and are keeping an open mind about studying abroad, it’s best to begin by taking a look at the partner institutions that Brock has relationships with. From Australia to Taiwan, we offer a wide variety of partners that welcome Brock students for a semester or academic year at a time. Start by browsing this list for a country that piques your interest, and then select a school within that country to view their profile and learn more about what they have to offer and how it may complement your studies at Brock.

Spending time studying abroad will allow you to learn and discover different perspectives and approaches relevant to your area of study, and will evolve your thinking when you return to Canada to complete your studies. Want the chance to travel without leaving the country for a full semester or year? Our >international short-term programsLast but not least, internships and work opportunities are also available for those looking to travel, work and learn. Studying abroad may not be for everyone, but there’s no better way to round out the Brock experience by participating in one of our memorable travel opportunities.