Discover Another Culture and Another YOU

By St. Lawrence College Modified on December 13, 2017

Have you considered studying abroad in 2018?


As you think about entering the workforce, it is important to consider what sets your resume apart from your peers. Studying abroad can be an excellent discussion point in interviews and can differentiate you from those who share your specialty and background. It demonstrates that you are able to take the initiative, and step out of your comfort zone and that, in the process; you have developed leadership experience and skills.

Making it in a foreign land is a tried and true approach of confirming your ability to hold your own, with personal perseverance and responsibility. Studying abroad will help build a new level of independence and self-confidence, and will likely change the way you think about the world. All of which are key transferable attributes highly valued by employers.

Consider too, the benefits of gaining a new perspective as a global citizen. Most students return home with a new sense of appreciation for the many privileges they once took for granted and a handful of new global friends. These friendships will be crucial to your experience in a new part of the world, and will help overcome feelings of homesickness.

Studying abroad fosters tolerance, open mindedness, and is an opportunity to highlight your well roundedness as desirable employee. Travel abroad can do a lot for your studies and your future.