Reasons to study abroad in 2018

By Western University Modified on December 13, 2017

4 Benefits of Studying Abroad


Almost every Canadian university offers international opportunities that enhance both your learning and personal development. Opening your eyes to different cultures and countries allows you to acquire global skills and develop intercultural competencies. Whether you want to study, volunteer, complete an internship or work abroad most universities offer a wide variety of choices.

Not sure what opportunities are available? Most universities have a department that looks after international learning programs and exchanges. When applying, check a school’s website to view opportunities and find out about scholarships or awards.

Gain a Career Advantage

A 2014 survey for Universities Canada showed 80% of employers found recruits with cross-cultural understanding and global experience enhanced their company’s competitiveness. It also showed two-thirds of hiring managers said Canada was at risk of being left behind unless young Canadians think more globally.

Discover Yourself and The World

Studying and travelling abroad helps you learn about yourself and change the way you think. The possibilities for global discovery are endless, you can study for a semester in Singapore; uncover traces of the Roman Empire during an archaeological dig in northern England; intern at a multinational company in India; participate in a summer opera program in Italy; or volunteer with a Community Engaged Learning program in Costa Rica.

Gain Credits Towards Your Canadian Degree

As long as you check with your Registrar’s Office before leaving to study abroad or go on exchange you will be able to transfer international credits to your home institution. Often, this allows you to finish your degree in the same amount of time as a student who never travelled abroad.

Grow as An Individual

When you return from overseas, you bring an international dimension back to your campus. This knowledge can be integrated into classroom learning, benefiting yourself and your classmates. Your travel will also help to build confidence, gain networking opportunities and start mastering a second (or third) language.