Studying Abroad has so many benefits!

By University of Northern British Columbia Modified on December 07, 2017

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Going on an international exchange is an outstanding opportunity for many reasons:

  • When you go on exchange, you’re not a tourist. You are immersed in the culture of the country and community you are studying in. You will meet new people, learn new languages, eat new foods, travel to new places, and experience new cultural events.
  • You will still pay domestic tuition rates. When you go on exchange, you do not pay international student tuition and fees – which can be two or three times domestic rates – you still pay tuition and fees as though you are still studying at in your home institution.
  • There are international exchange scholarships available! Make sure you’re aware of which ones apply to you, your program, and your institution, and get your name in those award competitions.

At UNBC, you will need to have a minimum GPA of 2.67 and have completed a minimum of 30 academic credit hours (approximately one year of full-time study) in order to be eligible for outbound exchange. While you can’t travel in your first year of studies, we recommend that you start the exchange conversation with your International Education Department and your Academic Advisor. Chatting with International Education will give you an idea of where you can go to study abroad (UNBC has partnership agreements with 34 institutions in 18 different countries, and we add new schools and locations every year. Check out our interactive map of UNBC International Partners), and the conversation with your Academic Advisor will allow you to choose an exchange timeframe and course load that will change the trajectory of your program as little as possible (sometimes not at all)!

Don’t forget about field schools! Many of our programs have taken UNBC students all over the world, from Haida Gwaii and Barkerville (for a week-long intensive where students live, eat, breathe, and sleep the Barkerville experience), to Death Valley, Guatemala, Ireland and the Isle of Man, and more! Field schools are great opportunities for shorter-term travel that still allows you to earn credits and cultivate amazing experiences. We can help! If you’d like to start the dialogue about UNBC, and travel and study opportunities here, please email us at or check us out online at