Applying to Canadian Schools in 5 Simple Steps

By Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Modified on November 08, 2017

A step-by-step guide to Canadian Admissions.


Step 1: Finding a Program

Finding the right program is exciting but can be scary. Start by considering your interests and your career goals. Another way to guide your decision could be to look at the labour market in the country you want to study in. For example, if you would like to study in Canada, research what jobs are in demand. Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, for example, has a variety of programs to choose from, go explore!

Step 2: Understanding Admission Requirements

You found the right program but are you are eligible to apply? Every Canadian program will have corresponding requirements. The requirements generally include a high school diploma, a minimum grade average and English language proficiency. Be sure to check the admissions requirements for each.

Step 3: Apply Online

Time for your application! In Canada, there are a variety of ways to apply. Many provinces have a central application system where you can submit one application for more than one school in the same province. In some instances, the school will have an individual online application. It is important to research the application process and deadlines for each school you are considering.

Step 4: Submit Documentation

To complete your application, you will need to submit required documentation. Generally, this includes official high school transcripts and proof of language proficiency.

However, some schools may require an additional portion for your application, such as a personal essay. TIP: Be genuine. You may want to include clear examples of moments that led to your program choice.

Step 5: Applying for your Visa

You receive your Offer of Admission, congratulations! You can begin applying for your study permit. Check with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate to confirm requirements. For detailed information, check Lakehead University’s handy guide to applying: Steps to Enrolling.