Why Study a Postgraduate Degree in the UK?

By Edge Hill University - Graduate Programs Modified on October 17, 2017

Stand out from the crowd by studying a postgraduate degree in the UK.


Education in the UK has an outstanding international reputation; providing high-quality teaching and an enriching student experience. Studying in the UK will not only develop your knowledge but you will become more independent and confident in building your own unique career path. Many employers around the globe place more value in a postgraduate qualification which can help you begin your career at a more advanced level and attract a higher salary.

At Edge Hill University we offer two types of postgraduate study; postgraduate taught degrees (MA/MSc/LLM) and postgraduate research degrees (MRes/PhD). Generally postgraduate taught degrees are 12 months in the UK and a PhD is often 3 years, however, this can be longer depending on the requirements of the research.

Postgraduate degrees offer more independent learning which will allow for you to become a specialist in your field. The postgraduate research will offer you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding through an increased period of independent research. Although our postgraduate programmes offer a considerable amount of independent learning your programme may include group projects, laboratory work and even teaching opportunities. Along with gaining a high-quality education, your programme may also offer the opportunity to enhance your employability through work experience.

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