Expand Your World View at UNBC

Graduate studies at UNBC offer world-class learning in a unique environment.


If you’re looking to make your mark in this world, look no further than graduate studies at UNBC. It’s your chance to shape industry, policy, discover new ideas and ways of thinking, and maybe even influence the way people think. As one of six research-intensive universities in British Columbia, you can choose from 28 master’s degrees and three doctoral programs, and dive into our culture of applied research and innovation.

UNBC has more to offer than a vibrant academic environment: pristine nature, a dynamic city and affordability you won't find in other major research hubs. Quality of life and quality of education come hand in hand.

Our research is a big deal. Why? Because we started UNBC with a question: "What can we do better than anyone else?" We built a research culture around those things: Natural Resource Management, Community Development, Science and Technology, and Rural Health. Now, 25 years later, we're among the top four percent of Universities in the world, working in industry-leading institutes and labs on-campus, and in the field across Northern B.C. and around the world.

Our faculty are collaborative, open, and accessible, and include six Canada Research Chairs, five endowed chairs, and two B.C. Leadership chairs. These are pioneers, with a unique commitment to your success. You'll work alongside them, solving big, relevant problems together.

UNBC regularly secures grants, funding and infrastructure money that not only pushes big ideas forward — it directly benefits graduate students. Teaching and research assistantships, scholarships and research grants make it easier for you to pursue innovation, too.

So where to start? A good place is here: https://www.unbc.ca/apply/graduate/prepare

You’ll find information about application fees, finding the right supervisor, uploading your information and documents (and knowing what you need to submit), and much more. The better prepared you are in advance of applying, the better prepared you’ll be to join us as a graduate student at UNBC!