Innovative and Driven? You Will Fit Right In at Waterloo

By University of Waterloo Modified on October 18, 2017

It takes more than just smarts to succeed, but the hard work brings great reward!


Picking the right post-secondary school for you is a big decision to make and requires lots of research and planning. You probably have many questions, so to help you out I’ve gathered some of the best things about being a University of Waterloo student.

Get a head start on your career through co-op

As well as being the first co-op program in Canada and largest in North America, 3 out of 4 Waterloo students are in a co-op program, for good reason, too. Companies specifically recruit our students both nationally and internationally based on the unmatched reputation of our students.

Go beyond borders

Waterloo has study abroad and exchange agreements with 125+ other universities around the world, allowing you to earn your Waterloo degree while travelling to far-off destinations!

Study at one of the best overall schools

Consistently ranked among the best universities in Canada, Waterloo has 100+ programs to choose from, meaning you get to pursue a degree in something that you are truly passionate about!

Own your ideas

Waterloo offers a liberal Intellectual Property Policy, meaning you own your ideas and can benefit from them. The University will even provide funding and support to launch your ideas into reality.

Written by Katie, a third-year student at University of Waterloo.