Making the Decision

By triOS College Modified on October 18, 2017

triOS stands up to meet your personal and academic needs.


At triOS College, we have students of all ages with diverse levels of knowledge and experience. Working together allows us all to benefit from the unique qualities that each pupil brings to their classroom. Whether you are entering college for the first time or coming back to school after a lengthy stay in the workforce, triOS College offers a very friendly and inviting atmosphere to help ensure a smooth transition.

The Perfect Balance

As with work life, it is necessary to allow yourself time as a student to decompress and do things you enjoy. If all of your day is filled by class time, studying, and other duties, this will soon weigh upon you and the quality of your work will suffer. This is why triOS offers half-day classes as well as modular learning, meaning that you have the option to make your schedule work for you and remain focused on one thing at a time.

Your Instructors and Peers

An important part of attending college is the way that instructors interact with their students. At triOS, instructors have time for you, and you are not just a number. During class you should feel free to ask questions.

We’ve Got Your Back, Always

We promise to support you, even after you have graduated your program. triOS offers a One on One Job Placement Assistance program to help you find employment in the field that you have studied for. You are able to connect with an Employment Specialist whenever you need help with finding jobs to apply to, preparing for an interview, or just general advice regarding your career. At triOS, your success is our success.

Start your educational career with triOS and become one of our successful graduates! For a look at the school through the eyes of a peer, read this blog. You can also connect with triOS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.