St. Lawrence College's Guide on Choosing for The Future

By St. Lawrence College Modified on October 11, 2017

Move past the desired "aesthetic", and delve into what really counts when picking a school.


The most dreaded question that any high school student approaching graduation can hear is what do you want to be when you grow up? The answer to this question may be destined to change, but the true challenge with deciding what you want to do when you grow up is committing to that decision, and that commitment begins with choosing where you will attend post-secondary education.

When choosing a school it can be easy to delve into the world of the fantastical, and imagine yourself basking in the aesthetically appealing glory of a far off Harry Potter School. In truth, the beauty of a campus it one of many factors that contribute to your decision, but certainly not the most important one.

If you can physically tour your campus do so. Ask a registrar or program director if you can sit in a class or lecture in a program of your interest. Soak in the atmosphere and envision yourself sitting in one of the occupied seats for at least a year, and pay close attention to class size. The smaller the student teacher ratio the better. Ask the professors you meet about internships available in their programs.

Do your research, use credible sources to evaluate your institutions of choice. St. Lawrence College offers more than a hundred programs, and enjoys the benefits of being located in three beautiful communities. Offering small class sizes and one hundred percent employer satisfaction rates we are confident you will love it, and most importantly that you will be more than just a number.