Five Ways To Get Ready For Grad School

By Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies Modified on October 11, 2017

Concordia university offers practical tips for students considering a graduate degree.


Graduate school is intellectually stimulating and can get you the professional experience you need for the workforce. Make a smooth transition to the next stage of your educational career with these five bits of advice.

  1. 1. LEVERAGE YOUR GRADUATE EDUCATION Professional programs allow you to expand your network and develop hands-on skills.Research programs encourage you to explore your academic interests and make unique contributions to scholarship. Whichever stream you embark on, be sure it suits your career goals and learning style.
  2. 2. FIND A TOPIC THAT INTERESTS YOU Before you decide on a thesis topic that is trending, consider what research areas have appealed to you in the past. Working through a problem that stimulates your curiosity will help you stay motivated and lead to a strong thesis/dissertation. If you have trouble identifying a topic, attend a conference to gather ideas.
  3. 3. CONSIDER WHAT YOU WANT FROM A SUPERVISOR Identifying shared research interests with your supervisor is key, but you also want to choose a professor who is compatible with your personality and work habits. Get to know potential supervisors by scheduling a meeting with them and talking to their current graduate students.
  4. 4. EXPLORE A NEW CITY Living in a place that offers activities you enjoy when you need a break from studying is important. Attending university in a city that is safe, diverse and has a low cost of living will ensure that you make the most of your graduate experience. Concordia alumni are also well-positioned to enter Canada’s burgeoning job market.
  5. 5. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Take advantage of services and resources designed exclusively for graduate students. Co-ops, internships, and study abroad programs provide valuable experiential learning opportunities, while workshops on career building, leadership, and web tools complement your degree and enhance your resume.

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