Campus Life At Nipissing University

By Nipissing University Modified on September 16, 2017

Think outside the classroom.


Although summertime fun is becoming a distant memory, now is the perfect time to turn attention to campus life and the variety of ways to add fun and texture to the university experience. Nipissing University has an array of opportunities outside the classroom for your involvement, leadership and personal growth.

Residence is the perfect place to get involved in any of the events and activities that are hosted throughout the year. Consider joining a residence council or, if you’re an upper year student, you may want to apply to be a Residence Don where you can play a vital role in the transition to university of first-year students.

Joining a club is the perfect way to meet new friends, have fun and explore your interests. The Student Union offers a wide range of clubs – from theater and dance, to program-specific clubs like the Biology Society. Join an existing club or pick up an application package to start your own!

If you’re a sports enthusiast, our Athletic Coordinators organize and host a multitude of intramural sports that are enjoyed throughout the entire year by players and fans alike.

The office of Student Development and Services offers a number of academic-related services and lots of opportunities for student involvement, from certifications and workshops to being a mentor or peer-tutor. We also recognize the activities and events that students participate in outside of the classroom on our Record of Student Development (RSD) ― a formal record where students can include workshops, volunteer experiences, awards, and activities they have participated in throughout their degree.

Academics are, without a doubt, of upmost importance to university life; but they’re not everything, and the student life you live around campus will help you to make the most of your university experience!