A Study-Life Balance

By University of Waterloo Modified on August 23, 2017

Getting involved and making time for yourself are the keys to success!


While attending classes and hitting the books are important parts of university life, they’re not the only thing you should focus on. You worked hard to get in to university, so enjoy the experience and make the most of your school year.

Balance is key! University offers amazing opportunities to learn and discover, but also to have fun and make new connections. Taking a 5-minute break each hour while studying will help you focus, but you’ll need some longer breaks too. You can join a club, grab a coffee with a classmate, or go home and binge watch Game of Thrones.

Organization is going to help with balancing. Scheduling your days ahead of time keeps you from cramming for exams or missing deadlines. Set aside time for school work, extracurricular activities, and down time. A day planner (physical or digital) should definitely be on your back to school list.

If you’re struggling with finding down time, you’re not alone. Learning at a university level is different from high school. Most universities will offer workshops that will help you with the transition in learning styles and address topics such as note taking, time management, and test preparation.

If you have a hobby or an interest, chances are there is a club for it. Most schools will have an event where you can explore all of the different groups you can join. Here at Waterloo, we have a Clubs and Societies day each term.

Balancing school with your other interests and down time can be challenging, and it's a skill to be learned. Failing is part of finding balance. Just keep learning and finding how life works best for you.