Getting Ahead In The Art And Design Job Market

By OCAD University Modified on April 19, 2018

Need a summer job? Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd.


Need to a summer job? Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd.

  1. 1. Review and Update Your Portfolio – A solid portfolio is an essential in applying for a job in the art, design and media fields. Review your portfolio and ensure that your pieces are relevant to the position for which you’ve applied. Need more feedback? Below are some ways to get the advice you need.

  2. 2. Network – Networking doesn't have to be this daunting task of talking to random strangers in large crowds. Instead, try requesting informational interviews through your own connections like your teachers and peers. Tools like LinkedIn are also a great way to connect with existing connections or others in the field of your interest. Bonus tip: ask for referral to speak with someone else at the end of your meeting to get more advice and to broaden your network at the same time.

  3. 3. Talk to a Guidance Counselor – Getting advice from a guidance or career counselor is a great way to see if you're headed in the right direction and to also find out if there are any opportunities out there that you may have missed.

  4. 4. Contact Youth Employment Services – If there isn’t a guidance or career counselor in your school, check out organizations like YES, JVS and your local government for programs like Ontario's Youth Job Connection.

  5. 5. Attend Workshops and Other Events – Attending workshops and events like Portfolio Clinics, Summer Workshops and National Portfolio Day are great ways to spruce up your portfolio, pick up new skills and to meet industry professionals.

  6. 6. Ensure You Have an Online Presence – Having an online presence is key these days to getting noticed and showcasing your work. Fortunately, there are many free tools to do that with, like LinkedIn. For artists and designers looking to post an online portfolio, there are tools like Behance and Format.