Tools To Help You Find A Summer Job

By St. Lawrence College Modified on June 14, 2017

St. Lawrence College Career Services offers tools and resources to student job seekers.


St. Lawrence College Career Services offers free tools and resources to current students that can help make your resume stand out.

SLC knows that students come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with vastly different backgrounds, skills, and accomplishments. For this reason, St. Lawrence College Career Services offers students cool new tools to prepare for an interview by rehearsing with Interview Stream. It allows students to practice their interview skills by recording themselves during a simulated interview. Students can then self-evaluate their performance based on outlined criteria in the programs self-evaluation form. Students have the ability to program the simulation with interview questions of their choosing or use pre-programmed options. The program also features an “um” and “like” counter that helps students work towards answering questions confidently.

SLC’s Career Services department also provides students with the ability to construct and edit their resumes according to which professional field they wish to stream into. This service is called Optimal Resume, and provides students with examples of professional resumes from various fields of work demonstrating to students how best to showcase their skills and work experience. The program also gives students tips on how to plan their elevator pitch.

Students can take advantage of the Career Coach feature on the Career Services website. That allows them to view which jobs are directly linked to their field of study. It also informs students on how many jobs of this kind are available in particular city, the average pay scale for beginning and seasoned professionals in your field of interest, and the growth experienced in that specific job market.