Career Planning Advice From Western University

By Western University Modified on June 14, 2017

Explore our tips to help you secure a summer job or part-time employment while attending school.


Summer vacation is just around the corner. Are you planning to apply for a summer job prior to starting university or perhaps you are hoping to secure a part-time job while attending school? Either way, we have some tips to help you get that interview and secure a job that suits your needs.

Step One: Create a resumé to help you stand out from the crowd
The quality of your resumé often determines whether you get to the next step – the interview. When creating a resumé for today’s competitive market, keep the following elements in mind:

  1. 1. It must be relevant and targeted;
  2. 2. Skills and accomplishments matter;
  3. 3. No room for errors; and
  4. 4. Keep it easy to read.

Learn more about these four essential elements and other resumé writing tips on our Student Success Centre website.

Step Two: Prepare for your interview
Interviewing is an art and the key to success is preparation. Western’s Student Success Centre has all of the resources you need to prepare for the six steps of the interview process, including:

  1. 1. Preparation
  2. 2. Arrival
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Rapport Building
  5. 5. Closing
  6. 6. Follow-up

Visit our website to learn more about these interview basics and more.

Additional career development
At Western, your personal career management can start as soon as you arrive on campus. From day one, you can gain work and leadership experience to complement your academic studies. Visit our Student Success Centre website or in-person to access valuable resources relating to career planning, internships and co-ops, community engaged learning, leadership, and so much more!