It's Never Too Late For Plan B

By Cardiff Metropolitan University Modified on May 10, 2017

If things aren't working to plan, don't panic - it's just time to make a new plan!


Just because your original plan isn’t falling into place does not mean you have failed, it’s simply an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-direct yourself to your end goal. See it as an opportunity to do something unexpected and worthwhile. If you haven’t quite made the grades or got the offers to university you wanted, why not take a different road to further education? There are lots of alternatives:

Take a gap year – travel, work and enjoy some time off studying. A lot of people find that after taking time out from their studies, they’re more focused on their return. This is likely to be the best opportunity for you to do this – when you have the least ties and responsibilities!

Volunteer or work abroad – use the time to gain experience that you can apply to your future studies or career. There are lots of companies out there like Internex who can help you find something. It will add to your CV and will set you apart from others.

Re-Apply to University - if you still have your heart set of studying, there will still be places taking applications, like Cardiff Met. Maybe your plan B will push you to try something you didn’t expect you’d do, like study abroad. It is free to apply to Cardiff Met and the application is straight forward and easy to do so you won’t have much to lose.

If you want to find out more about your options with us get in touch! Our representative Nicola Brabyn can help answer any questions you might have or put you in touch with previous students of ours to hear their experience.

It’s never too late for a plan B.