8 Tips On Managing Your Stress In University

By OCAD University Modified on March 02, 2018

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Going to university is a big adjustment. But OCAD U has your back with over a dozen support services right here on our campus. Take advantage of these tips and make your transition to university life look easy.

  1. 1. Master your independence - Besides submitting your assignments and showing up to class on time, be proactive in speaking with your professors and peers. Fortunately, OCAD U has relatively small class sizes which allow you more opportunity to interact with faculty and other students.
  2. 2. Watch your spending - Financial management can be tough, especially when you might have your own creative practice on the side! Watch our CREATiveFund$ videos or read a copy of our Do What you Love financial planning booklet to help you on your financial journey. Financial aid advisors are always available to students for some extra support.
  3. 3. Prioritize - Many students work part-time and have active social lives that can be hard to manage. There are resources provided by the OCAD U Writing & Learning Centre that can help you manage such as time management workshops, one-on-one tutoring help, study groups, and events.
  4. 4. Keep active - There are many activities and resources at OCAD U to keep you active and healthy. You can take part in intramural sports, yoga, and meditation or join any one of the recreation and fitness facilities that are just within two kilometres of the campus. Also, did you know that OCAD U is an award-winning bicycle-friendly campus?
  5. 5. Seek academic advising - Don't hesitate to seek help from the Student Advising team which supports student success by offering students support and advice related to their personal and academic success.
  6. 6. Connect with a student mentor - Outside of your studies, it's a good idea to join the Student Mentor Program where first-year undergraduate "Student Mentees" are matched with knowledgeable, upper-year student volunteer "Peer Mentors" who will provide guidance regarding university procedures, student services and extracurricular activities, while encouraging engagement with community, peers, faculty and staff.
  7. 7. Check out the Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) - It's important to look after your health while in university which is why the HWC exists to provide both medical and counselling services to OCAD U students right on campus. The services are accessible and responsive to issues relating to gender, race, age, culture, ability, sexual orientation, income and faith. HWC also organizes events for students to meet therapy dogs on campus from time to time!
  8. 8. Get career development support - Wondering what career prospects are available to you after university? Want to know how to build your portfolio? Speak to a career counsellor and/or use the resources available to OCAD U students and alumni provided by The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD).