Stress Busters!

By Swansea University Modified on April 20, 2017

Assistance is always at hand.


It is understandable that you may be a little anxious, as your final exams results will determine which institution you will attend to pursue your studies!

As such, over the next few months, it is important that you structure your days to ensure you keep alert and your mind fresh.

Create a calendar, insert your exam dates and create a time management plan backwards!

Build in regular study time for each subject so that you do not “cram” your information literally days before – which rarely works by the way!

Be sure to repeat the process, adding a little more new information each time so the information is well embedded.

Should you find difficulty with a specific subject, by commencing your study regime early, this will allow the opportunity to ask your teachers for help…

Be sure to build in relaxation time

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and remember an hour sleep before midnight is worth two after!

Here at Swansea University, we aim to help students achieve their potential and offer plenty of support along the way. In the first year, students are assigned a mentor/careers advisor who will share their academic journey. However, should students need a little more help our fantastic Wellbeing Team are on hand to offer assistance:

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