The Future Is Near!

By Saint Mary's University Modified on March 06, 2017

The university resources you need to successfully prepare for your future career.


University is a significant investment in your future. Many careers require an undergraduate degree just for their entry-level positions. Some student come to university with a clear career goal in mind, and others find what they want to do once they have started taking new and interesting classes. Either way, universities provide an extensive network of support for students who are finding and achieving their future career paths.

When planning out your future, the way can sometimes be unclear. There are so many exciting opportunities out there, and many of them you do not even know about yet. A great place to start is to try tools like the SMU Career Compass. The Career Compass takes information about yourself, such as your favourite school subject or your salary expectations, and matches you with possible career options.

Once you have an idea, and even if you do not, you can speak with one of our dedicated career counsellors, who will work with you to discover your future career possibilities and work towards them based on things like your preferences for work environments and the kinds of work you find fulfilling and inspiring.

Your time at university is also a great opportunity to participate in professional development and become more appealing to future employers. This can include taking part in Co-operative education. In our Co-op program there are three voluntary work terms in your field of study that are three months each, which you can start taking in the summer after your second year. Co-op is available for all faculties, and for all majors in Bachelor of Arts or Commerce.

Whatever your career goals might be, we will be there to support you along the way.