Algonquin College: A Hands-on Education For Real-World Jobs

By Algonquin College Modified on March 07, 2017

The largest college in Eastern Ontario provides relevant programs led by well-connected instructors.


You’re attending college and looking ahead to graduation. It’s a crowded workplace and you know the importance of gaining a competitive edge. And among the greatest advantages is experience. But how do you get experience working in your chosen field before graduation?

Algonquin College has always placed a strong emphasis on developing programs in response to real-world demands. That practical approach to learning includes the encouragement of co-op initiatives, internships and work experience.

We offer you a hands-on education for real-world jobs. We have become the largest college in Eastern Ontario by providing great facilities and applicable programs led by well-connected instructors.

Let’s begin with Career Planning. The Algonquin College Employment Support Centre provides:

  • Workshops on resume building, interview skills and tips
  • Online job postings
  • 1 on 1 counseling for employment assistance
  • Resume writing tips
  • Interview tips
  • The hidden job market

Be sure to consider the benefits of co-op work and internship opportunities. We offer:

  • Internships
  • Job placements
  • In-Class training
  • Guest speakers
  • Work projects – for real businesses
  • Student-run businesses

Algonquin Student Employment Services offers a competitive edge, providing MyCareerZone, that features online job postings and volunteer opportunities, resources for finding a job, summer placements, access to employment officers, and online support for resume and cover-letter building.

An Algonquin Academic Advisor can set you on the right track, helping to optimize your off-campus activities, resulting in maximum exposure to your career choice. Speak one-on-one with experts in your field.