Careers For Economics Students At Edinburgh

By University of Edinburgh Modified on March 06, 2017

Can studying economics at the University of Edinburgh help me find the perfect career?


Virtually all our students have been able to obtain employment immediately on graduation. Popular careers include accountancy, banking and insurance. Many large financial firms take Economics graduates into their organisations. Other popular careers include government service and general management, although teaching, public relations, surveying, law and marketing have attracted graduates over recent years.

What else can studying Economics at Edinburgh give me?
Intellectual skills – critical analysis and assessment, weighing arguments, reasoning adaptability and systematically, problem-framing and problem-solving skills, information-processing skills Practical skills – computer and IT literacy; obtaining and processing information from a wide variety of sources; writing and communication skills, problem-framing and problem-solving skills; decision-taking skills.

Transferable skills – Independent action and initiative; managing tasks and time; coping with stress; interpersonal and group skills. Note also that many core economic principles and concepts covered in the first year Economics course (e.g. opportunity cost, marginal considerations, incentives) are transferable to most decision contexts, while a basic understanding of economics is a valuable career and life skill.

How will you help me?
The Careers Service is available to all students - from CV writing to interview practice; summer placements to graduate posts; careers fairs to alumni events, the service is all about inspiring futures.

Vacancies & opportunities
Whether students want to gain valuable work experience during the holidays or are focusing on securing their first position after graduation, our online resource MyCareerHub is the place to go. Students have access to thousands of opportunities ranging from part-time and vacation work, internships and voluntary posts, right through to full-time graduate jobs.

Talks, events & careers fairs
The Careers Service organises a variety of informal talks, events and fairs with employers where students can find out first-hand what they are looking for and what they are offering.