Scholarships... Take A Bite Out Of Tuition

By University of Gloucestershire Modified on February 22, 2017

How to afford to study abroad...


Higher education is an investment and financing a degree is a challenge for most students, whether they study abroad or not. Scholarships and bursaries present a way to cut the cost. In a similar way to how you apply discount codes to purchases made online, scholarships and bursaries allow you to reduce tuition payments. You just need to take the time to explore your options and apply for the relevant discounts.

Good news: There’s a wealth of opportunity out there through scholarships, bursaries and funding! Don’t be intimidated by application processes, but be diligent and detail oriented – it’s a numbers game. Every application you fill out increases the likelihood you will receive an award. Some universities, like the University of Gloucestershire in the UK, make it even easier, with no separate application form for their International Bursary. All Canadian applicants to Bachelor and Master’s degrees are automatically eligible for £2,000 off the first year’s tuition fees.

If you study abroad you may also still be eligible to receive home funding, for example, if you study at the University of Gloucestershire you can still apply for OSAP funding.

Word of caution: Before you invest time filling out lengthy applications, remember to double check the eligibility requirements, e.g. UK postgraduate scholarships are for graduate level programmes only.

Tips for success: Explore your options and keep track of deadlines: Whilst the University of Gloucestershire has no separate application form for its international bursary, to qualify you need to have applied and accepted an offer and paid a deposit by June 1st to guarantee you an automatic discount of £2,000 off tuition.

Most importantly, never count yourself out; you might just surpass the competition.