Money Matters

By University of Regina Modified on February 22, 2017

There are so many ways to fund your studies!


Last year the University of Regina gave away more than $7.7 MILLION in awards! Want to get yourself in on earning free money? At the U of R, it’s easy! You can fund your studies by:

  1. 1. Applying for specific awards, scholarships, and bursaries
    • There are so many interesting scholarships and bursaries available including:
    • The Dr. Sarah Shorten Memorial Scholarship, which helps to enhance the participation of female students in Engineering and Sciences
    • The Eligibility for Jim & Elizabeth Ottley Award, which focuses on people with disabilities and financial need
    • The SaskEnergy Aboriginal Scholarship, which is awarded to a self-declared Aboriginal student and also includes the opportunity to interview for potential work terms or employment opportunities with SaskEnergy
  2. 2. Receiving an automatic scholarship
    • Automatic scholarships are reviewed as soon as you apply for admission. No extra paperwork! Some automatic scholarships include:
    • The Business Excellence Scholarship of $1000 is awarded to students who are conditionally accepted to the U of R in the faculty of Business with an average of 85% or above
    • The Out of Province Entrance Scholarship is awarded to any student attending the U of R from outside of Saskatchewan with an 85% average or above
  3. 3. Apply for government student loans
    • In Canada, student financial assistance is available from the federal and provincial governments. There are two main forms of assistance available:
    • Student Loans, which must be paid back
    • Grants, which in most cases do not need to be paid back
    • You can apply for government student assistance in your home province even if you are planning to study in another province. The amount of assistance available will depend on your personal and family situation and can only be determined after you have submitted an application.
PLUS any student who applies to the University of Regina before March 15th is automatically entered to win FREE TUITION FOR A YEAR!