5 Helpful Tips For Scholarship Applications

By University of Ontario Institute of Technology Modified on January 11, 2017
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UOIT brings you tips to apply for their prestigious Global Leadership Award and other scholarships.


At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, we understand that finances can be a challenging part of a student’s life. Because your education is one of the most important investments you will ever make, our Student Awards and Financial Aid office works hard to ensure you have the tools you need to meet your financial obligations.

If you are an international secondary school student studying outside Canada, consider applying to UOIT’s Global Leadership Award (GLA). This award is valued at $72,000 CDN ($18,000 x four years) and is awarded to an international secondary school student who demonstrates strong academic and leadership abilities. Learn more on our international scholarships web page.

We encourage you to apply to the GLA and other scholarships. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your scholarship search:

  1. 1. Check for scholarships and bursaries often. New awards are posted regularly so set aside time in your schedule to research new scholarships.
  2. 2. Think about your skills and background. Your activities may lend themselves well to meeting scholarship criteria!
  3. 3. Save copies of your scholarship applications. Future scholarship applications may ask similar questions and you can update an existing answer, saving yourself time.
  4. 4. Make sure to proofread your application before submitting. Don’t lose out on scholarships and bursaries simply because you did not double-check your work for simple grammar or spelling errors.
  5. 5. Apply! Many scholarships and bursaries go unclaimed simply because students do not submit applications. Even smaller awards can add up and make a big difference.

Scholarships and other financial resources are an effective way to meet your obligations so you can focus on your studies and obtain that dream job after graduation!

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