New Year, New You: Study Tips To Help You In 2017

By Saint Mary's University Modified on February 22, 2017

These study tips should help you make the most of your scholastic endeavors in the New Year!


Whether January has you battling it out for those last few redemption marks before your final exam or looking forward to a fresh start to a new semester, 2017 is here and it's time to make some resolutions to help you achieve!

If exams are looming and you're trying to make the most of your last few weeks of study, try and develop a study schedule to keep you on track. Not only will this help you cover all of the content needed before your exam, but spacing your studies out will allow you to identify any weak spots with enough time to give these areas a bit more focus. If it's an essay that has you worried try jotting down your ideas, creating an outline of your paper and then working away at the rough draft. Remember that the earlier you start your rough draft, the more time you have to edit and fine tune your paper and the less likely that unfinished rough draft will end up having to become your final copy. If you need some guidance, check out some tips and tricks on how to properly write an essay here:

If you're starting a new semester, make 2017 your opportunity to start in on the right foot! Open up your text book and try your hand at doing the reading prior to your next period. You should enter the class with a more solid understanding of the lesson rather than having to learn the content as the teacher is actively lecturing. Prepping before a class is key but the review afterwards is just as important. With all that stress you saved yourself by reading before the class, you can now focus on some thorough note taking making your review afterwards that much easier!